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Royal Heirs Student Handbook
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ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE (also refer to Attendance and Tardiness)
The school day begins at 7:50 a.m. Students may arrive between 6:30 a.m. and 7:50 a.m. All students are to report to the a.m. studyhall. Students not in the studyhall by 7:50 a.m. will be reported as tardy.
School is dismissed at 3:00 PM. Parents should pick up their children promptly. To accommodate working parents, students may wait until 5:30 p.m. in the p.m. studyhall where they will remain until their parents come to pick them up, but the following policies will be strictly adhered to.
1. There will be absolutely no eating or drinking in the am. studyhall after 7:30 a.m. Snacks are permitted in the p.m. studyhall until 3:15, but must not require refrigeration, warming, or preparation of any kind. Water bottles are always permitted.
2. Studyhall behavior notes will be issued for students who do not obey the studyhall teacher or comply with rules and policies. Upon the issuance of the 2nd note, there will be a mandatory conference with the parent, and the student will be in jeopardy of not being allowed to attend studyhall for the remainder of that school quarter.
3. Activities in the studyhall will be at the discretion of the studyhall teacher; whether it be homework, study or free time.
4. For their safety, we cannot allow students to leave school and return back to studyhall to be picked up. We have no way of knowing, nor the personnel to check on whether or not the child is enroute, has been picked up, etc.
The PM. studyhall closes at 5:30 PM. Any student remaining in the PM. studyhall at 5:30 PM. will be  charged at the rate of $10 for each 15 minutes or portion thereof after 5:30 PM, until the arrival of their parent/guardian. Special arrangements may be considered for commuting parents.
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ATTENDANCE (also refer to Arrivals/Departures and Tardiness)
In order for your child to gain the most in school, he must be in regular attendance. The laws of the State of California state that a child must attend school when it is in session. Excused (valid) absence: An excused (valid) absence is defined as an absence as a result of illness of the student or physical disability, illness or death in the immediate family, or an emergency in the family that necessitates the student being absent from school.
Parents should make every attempt to make dental, medical, and orthodontist appointments outside of school hours. If your child is or will be absent please call the school office at 209-293-1216 between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m.
A student who has been absent from school must bring a note from home on the first return day following the absence. This note must have the date of the absence, the reason for the absence, and must be signed by a parent/guardian.
Any child who is absent five or more school days in a row because of illness must present a doctorís statement concerning the health of the child. A doctorís note may be required for a rash. Parents planning to remove a child from school due to a trip out of town are expected to inform the school office at least two weeks in advance. We hope, however, that whenever possible, such trips would be planned for school break periods so that students would not miss necessary quizzes and exams, or the daily preparatory teaching for such testing. Exams are scheduled periodically and each exam constitutes a major portion of the course grade.
Any student absent on a given day, for any reason, may not attend after school activities or extra curricular events on the day of that absence.
If a child is absent more than twenty days in the course of the school year, his promotion is dependent upon the approval of the Administration who will act upon the recommendation of the teachers and principal.
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Beginning with Kindergarten the students are given a systematic course of Bible study, including Bible stories and Bible memory verses. In addition to the daily Bible work, a chapel service is conducted daily.
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Chapel services will be held daily with an emphasis on praising God through song, praying for studentís needs, and incorporating Godís Word into our daily lives. They will be geared toward young people so they will have a zeal and excitement in their worship. Parents are always welcome to attend chapel services. All RHCA students must attend RHCAís chapel services for their enrollment to remain in good standing.
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On the first cheating offense the studentís parents will be called and the student will be given an appropriate punishment by the principal. The student will also receive a "0" on the assignment.
On the second offense the studentís parents will be notified and scheduled for a conference. The student will also receive a "0" on the assignment.
On the third offense the studentís parents will be notified to pick up the student who will be suspended immediately for three school days. Any scheduled tests or exams during the suspension will not be allowed to be made up. The student will also receive a "0" on the assignment.
On the fourth offense the studentís parents will be notified and the student will be expelled.
This policy runs per school quarter.
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We believe that good communication is a key to the success of a school. We will endeavor to be good communicators with you. If you have a question or concern about something in your childís classroom, please call the school office to discuss this situation. Most times this simple act will resolve any misunderstandings or problems. If this does not resolve the situation, call the administrator to arrange an appointment for him to speak to you and the teacher. If you have any questions regarding school policy or school programs, please call the school office.
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Royal Heirs Christian Academy seeks to integrate Biblical principles into its entire curriculum. To that end, the school utilizes Christian publishers in most of its subject areas. In addition, the teachers will endeavor to promote Christian values and principles in all activities of the school. Currently the ABeka Curriculum from Pensacola Christian Schools and/or Bob Jones University is being used at Royal Heirs Christian Academy. The curriculum will be reinforced with supplemental materials, field trips, class projects, special speakers, and other hands-on activities. The curriculum will be continually evaluated, updated, and improved.
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DISCIPLINE/BEHAVIOR (see also, Gang Policy)
At Royal Heirs Christian Academy, the Holy Spirit has given us insight through Godís Word in understanding child behavior and discipline. Scripture makes very clear statements about discipline. The truth is that both Godís law and discipline are positive gifts of love that enable people to be happy and successful.
The maintenance of high principles with respect to personal conduct is essential to the individual development of character. Further, it is expected that the students of Royal Heirs Christian Academy assume an obligation to govern themselves in a manner compatible with the ideals of Royal Heirs Christian Academy.
Students should, therefore conduct themselves at all times with RHCA's high standards of personal behavior, appearance, accepted principles of responsible citizenship, and with due regard for the rights of others.
Royal Heirs Christian Academy reserves the right to exclude, at any time, students whose behavior is deemed undesirable or prejudicial to the best interest of the academy.
Parents and the school must cooperate fully with each other. Anything done or said which tears down respect and confidence for either will harm the student. When there is a problem, the parent or teacher should contact the school office quickly. Often a conference or even a note will clear up a difficulty.
The teacher is the authority in the classroom. Academic teaching will be followed by instruction in right thinking, good conduct, and clean living in the light of the principles of Godís Word.
It is impossible to make rules to cover every type of infraction; good behavior must come from the heart and not be mere conformity to regulations. However, the following rules must be observed:
1. Respect for authority (administration, faculty, adults, students).
2. Understanding that the role of "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" are a natural part of growing up, RHCA Administration feels it necessary to disallow anything but platonic relationships, affections, and actions while attending school or school functions. We feel that this is an area of growth which should be conducted under the guidance and supervision of the parents and their household rulings, and must therefore be limited to home.
Concerning proper conduct between the sexes, school rules prohibit students from being alone with one of the opposite sex in an office, an isolated room or any dark and secluded area. Both sexes should, at all times, remember this important principle in their conduct and "avoid the appearance of evil".
3. Abstaining from improper speech, vulgarity, profanity and lying, possession of intoxicants, intoxication, possession or use of tobacco products, possession or use of illegal drugs or paraphernalia, gambling, disorderly conduct.
4. Respect and care for school and personal property. The cost to repair destroyed or abused property will be charged to the responsible student.
5. Abstain from listening to or involvement in any kind of rap, rock, rock and roll, or so called "Christian rock or rap" music while attending school or any school activity. Cassette players, CD players, headphones, etc., are never permitted at RHCA.
6. Cell phones, ipods, laptops, cassette players, DVD players, CD players, headphones, and bluetooth devices are never permitted at RHCA. Special arrangements may be considered.
7. Weapons of any kind, which include pocket knives are not permitted at RHCA and will be confiscated.
  When a studentís behavior is unsatisfactory, the school will employ the appropriate means for correction. The following are illustrative of steps that may be used to achieve right behavior and attitudes in students:
1. Verbal warning to students regarding their actions.
2. Students may be asked to call a parent in the presence of school authority to share their offense.
3. Correspondence with parents in writing.
4. Dismissal from class by teacher, with student reporting to office.
5. Students may be required to serve an after-school detention the next day.
6. Parent-teacher-principal conference with or without student present.
7. Suspension up to three school days by the principal or administrator.
8. Expulsion by school administration.
A child may be suspended from school when other forms of discipline fail to bring about the desired change. Expulsion from Royal Heirs Christian Academy is a possibility, but we pray that through parents, faculty and the student working together in submission to Jesus Christ, this would never have to be imposed.
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Students are to maintain proper grooming and hygiene. Attire for both boys and girls shall always be neat and clean.
The cooperation of the student and parent is necessary in maintaining the standards of the dress code. Assuming this important responsibility will leave the school free to focus on its primary task: educating your child.
Students violating the dress code will first receive a warning that must be signed by both student and parent. Further violations will result in a parent conference with the principal and will be subject to further disciplinary actions.
With the diversity of clothing on todayís market, it is impossible to state an exhaustive list of appropriate and inappropriate clothing for school wear; therefore, the school administration will serve as final authority in matters related to school dress, and reserves the right to refuse any articles of clothing, jewelry, etc., whether or not previously mentioned or announced.
1. Proper undergarments must be worn at all times. A slip must be worn with all skirts and dresses.
2. Skirts, dresses, jumpers, split skirts. Must at least touch the bottom of the kneecap - absolutely NO SHORTER. In the case of a dress/ skirt with a split, the split may be no higher than the bottom of the knee so when you are sitting, it does not go above the knee.
3. Pants (loose fitting, waist high, no lowrise or midrise).
4. Shirts, blouses, etc., are to be buttoned appropriately, and high enough to cover cleavage, and loose fitting.
5. Moderate jewelry. Earrings are limited to 2 per ear.
6. Moderate makeup for junior and high school students only.
7. Moderate nail color. Basic colors only (clear, light pinks, reds, etc.)
1. Any clothing that is frayed, faded, has holes or tears, etc.
2. Clothing or jewelry with distasteful, distracting, suggestive, worldly, irreverent, gothic, or discriminatory/racial slogans or designs.
3. Any clothing that is too tight, form-fitting, too loose, of netting or see through material.
4. Tank tops, midriff tops, strapless or low neckline blouses or shirts.
5. Oversized clothing.
6. Leggings, spandex.
7. Extremes in hairstyles; including but not limited to, 1) shaving the sides and back of the head while the top hair hangs over, 2) carving lines/insignias in the hair, 3) hair covering eyes or face, 4) "spiked" styles are not permitted. Only natural hair colors are acceptable (brown, black, blond, or auburn).
8. Leather skirts, jumpers, dresses or pants.
9. Warm-up, sweat suits, sweatpants, work overalls, nylon pants, muscle shirts.
10. Body piercing of any kind other than ears.
11. Glitter makeup; non basic nail colors (grey, black, silver, green, blue, etc.)
12. Jewelry promoting or associated with new age movement, gothic, the occult, gangs, gang activity, etc. These items, or any others deemed inappropriate by RHCA Administration will be confiscated and returned to parents only, with an explanation.
1. T-Shirts, polo shirts, button up shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts. Any of the above longer than 8 inches below the natural waist line must be tucked in. In the case that any shirt, including sweaters/sweatshirts is viewed by RHCA faculty/staff as appropriate to be tucked in, it will be brought to the attention of the student and they must tuck it in.
2. Dress slacks or neat jeans, shorts below the knee must be worn at natural waistline. Absolutely no lowrise, midrise, tight, baggy, or excessively long (if theyíre "bunched up" on top of the shoe, theyíre too long).
3. Belts must be worn at all times.
4. Proper undergarments must be worn at all times, and never visable.
5. Moderate jewelry.
6. Shoe laces pulled snug and tied.
7. Socks pulled up around foot and calf.
1. Warm-up, sweat suits, sweatpants, work overalls, pants that button or zip on the sides or bottom, nylon pants, tank tops, muscle shirts.
2. Any clothing that is frayed, faded, has holes or tears, etc.
3. Clothing or jewelry with distasteful, distracting, suggestive, worldly, irreverent, gothic, or discriminatory/racial slogans or designs.
4. "Stuffing" shoes (with rolled or folded socks, etc.).
5. Thongs, flip-flops, hats, sunglasses, and caps.
6. Oversized clothing. Clothing including socks and underwear items not worn as intended, i.e., socks may not be pulled down and folded under or over the foot; shoelaces must be pulled tight and tied.
7. Extremes in hairstyles. Length may not be below eyebrows, earlobes, or top of collar. On the other hand, mohawks, shaving the sides and back of the head, carving lines/insignias in the hair, "spike" styles regardless of length, excessive gel, etc., shaved sides and back with "bowl" cut on top. Styles with short/shaved sides and back must taper up, and not have long hair laying over short or shaved areas. Only natural hair color is acceptable (brown, black, blond, auburn).
8. Body piercing of any kind to include earrings or ear studs. Jewelry promoting/associated with new age movement, gothic, the occult, gangs, gang activity, etc. These items, or any others deemed inappropriate by RHCA Administration will be confiscated and returned to parents only, with an explanation.
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All of Royal Heirs Christian Academy teachers are qualified, dedicated, Christian individuals.
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Educational field trips help to teach the broad aspects of community life. These trips are part of the school day and curriculum. Parents will be notified beforehand as to when the field trip will take place. Small fees may be charged to cover expenses.
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At this time, tuition is being offered free to all eligible students, through donations of individuals and businesses.
Book costs are a onetime cost per year per grade level.
From time to time there may be fees required for various activities such as field trips, publications, special events, etc. Parents will receive notes with information about the event before hand.
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The school will conduct regular drills to prepare the students for efficient emergency evacuation of the building. Evacuation routes for each room will be posted by the door of each room.
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We believe that gangs are a dredge on society. Additionally we believe that they are an evil and destructive force, thus they have no place in a Christian school setting. Gang involvement on the part of students will not be tolerated. Students who belong to, are actively involved with, or are known to consort with gangs will be expelled. Students who imitate gang behavior, or who display gang symbols, markings or graffiti of any kind on their person or their belongings or other property, are subject to expulsion.
Graffiti paraphernalia, including markers, spray cans, etc., are not allowed at Royal Heirs Christian Academy.
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Grades are recorded daily. Progress reports are sent home after exams. The purpose of our reporting system is to give parents and students an indication of the progress which is being made. Report cards are mailed after quarter exams. Progress reports and report cards are accompanied by a cover sheet that must be signed by the parent and returned to the school office as verification of receipt of the report.
Students should be encouraged to work for achievement, not simply grades.
The following grading scale is used throughout all courses and grades at Royal Heirs Christian Academy:
97.00 - 100.00 = A+       77.00 - 79.49 = C+
93.00 - 96.99 = A           73.00 - 76.99 = C
89.50 - 92.99 = A-          69.50 - 72.99 = C-
87.00 - 89.49 = B+         67.00 - 69.49 = D+
82.50 - 86.99 = B           63.00 - 66.99 = D
79.50 - 82.49 = B-          60.00 - 62.99 = D-
                                           00.00 - 59.99 = F
Dís are not recognized as passing grades at Royal Heirs Christian Academy, neither is any credit given for courses receiving a D or F.
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Kindergarten - Proficiency in the application of basic phonic rules, recognizing, writing, and counting numbers to 100, basic handwriting skills.
Sixth Grade - Proficiency in basic skills in Reading (150 wpm with 70% comprehension), Math 6, grade level grammar, composition and research paper.
Eighth Grade - Proficiency in basic skills in Reading (150 wpm with 70% comprehension), Pre-Algebra, grade level grammar, composition and research paper.
Twelfth Grade - Proficiency in basic skills in Reading (level II). Two hundred seventy (270) credits as stated below, (further definition for: Mathematics (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry); English Grammar & Composition (Freshman - Senior level);
Foreign Language (two years of same language); Literature (General, world, American, English);
Science (basic Physical Science, and Biology).
*English Grammar & Composition 40
*Literature 40
World History & Geography 10
U S History 10
American Government/Civics 5
Economics 5
Drivers Education 2.5
Health 2.5
*Mathematics 30
*Science 20
*Foreign Language 20
Visual/Performing Arts 10
Physical Education 20
Bible & Electives 50
Passing grades in Worship and Bible are required for advancement at Royal Heirs Christian Academy.
*See above for further definition.
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Basic first aid supplies are kept in the administrative office. Non-aspirin pain relievers are administered to students upon request, unless otherwise specified by parent.
When a student complains or shows signs of illness, the teacher will first pray for healing, as in Mark 16:18, "Öthey shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover". Normally, the student is healed and able to return to normal school activities. If signs of illness persist, the administrative office will contact the parents to pick the student up from school.
Periodic checks are made by the administrative office for nuisances such as head lice. Parents of any affected student will be notified to pick the student up from school immediately for treatment.
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The objective of homework is an aid to the teacher in assessing what the child has learned. Incomplete homework displays an attitude of carelessness toward responsibility. Completed homework shows effort and, even if incorrect, still aids the teacher in better meeting the studentís needs. In other words, it is more important for homework to be neat and complete than correct.
Parents are encouraged to assist in seeing that homework is completed and in explaining what is to be done; however, the actual work must be done by the student and he must take responsibility for it. Incomplete homework will result in a note being sent home to the parent. The second offense constitutes a mandatory parent/teacher conference. The offense may result in suspension, and additional class and homework required.
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The administrative office will check all required immunizations upon registration. Any needed updates must be completed within 30 days of enrollment. All immunizations must be recorded on your childís California School Immunization Record and Report of Health Examination for School Entry. Physical Examinations and the completion of the Report of Health Examination for School Entry are required for school enrollment. Immunization waiver forms are available, for those with personal or religious beliefs. All forms stay in the studentís cumulative folder.
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Students carry their lunch to school; all eating is done in designated areas, under the supervision of their teacher. Within reason, the school will warm or refrigerate items brought from home. If at any time, this becomes too time consuming for the faculty, this program will be discontinued.
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School administration will administer medication to students upon receipt of a written request by the studentís parent/guardian.
The medication must be in the original container and properly labeled. The label on prescription medication must include the name of the student, the prescribing doctor, the name of the medication, the date the medication was prescribed, and the instruction for administration. All medication will be stored in the school office; students may not keep medication, prescription and nonprescription, in their desks, backpacks, purses, etc.
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Parent/Teacher conferences may be requested by the parent or by the teacher on both a formal and informal basis throughout the year. It is the policy of Royal Heirs Christian Academy that during a formal conference, a school administrator will be present.
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The policy of Royal Heirs Christian Academy is that no student be excused from the required Physical Education course offered without a written doctorís excuse. All students should be good sports and practice good sportsmanship at all times.
Gym shoes and appropriate attire are required for Jr. & Sr. high school students (this is usually 7th - 10th grade, but could vary according to graduation requirements). Each student will need two sets of gym clothes. A guideline for appropriate attire will be given by the PE instructor, on the first day of attendance; students have 3 days to comply.
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Student pictures will be taken in the fall with several package options to choose from and purchase (purchase is optional). Student IDís are available shortly after pictures are taken for a minimal fee.
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Royal Heirs Christian Academy is a year-round school beginning in July and ending in June the following year. RHCA will, whenever possible, strive to maintain the same school days/terms as the local school district.
It is the parentís responsibility to provide paper, pens, pencils, crayons, rulers, glue, art materials, etc., throughout the year. You may obtain a supplies list for each specific grade level, from the school office.
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During the school day, for security purposes, visitors (including parents), wishing to visit classes and/or teachers, must obtain permission in advance from the administration office.
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Standardized reading placement tests will be administered with other placement testing materials for all newly enrolled students for placement determination only.
Royal Heirs Christian Academy administers Stanford Achievement Tests (SAT) and Otis-Lennon School Ability Tests (OLSAT) to all even grades (2 - 12) each spring; this is an additional fee, and is nonrefundable.
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The before and after school student care hours are from 6:30 - 7:50 a.m. and 3:00 - 5:30 p.m. Please refer to the a.m/p.m study hall policies in the ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE section.
The same rules and respect for authority apply during before and after school student care as they do for the regular school day. Any extreme discipline problems will be handled by the school principal.
The before and after school student care program is designed for current Royal Heirs Christian Academy students. Its intended purpose is to provide care for those RHCA students whose parents may need their child to be cared for during times in addition to regular school hours.
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Student records, referred to as cumulative or personal records, include current registration, demographic, current academic information, health records, immunization records, birth certificates, previous school records and other pertinent personal and behavioral information. These records are continually updated. A great deal of information about the student is found in these files, and teachers may use these to increase their knowledge and understanding of students and their needs. Records will, however, remain confidential.
These student records may, upon request, be reviewed by their parents in the office of the principal. Requests from parents to review their childís cumulative records must be done through the principal only.
Records must not leave the administrative office.
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TARDINESS, (unexcused) will not be tolerated. For each unexcused tardy the studentís parents will be notified.  The student will receive a "0" grade for classes missed due to tardiness. Upon excessive unexcused tardies, a mandatory parent/teacher conference will be scheduled. If tardiness continues after the parent/teacher conference, the studentís parents may be notified to pick the student up immediately, as they will not be permitted to attend class that day. All homework assignments will be given to the student before leaving school; all work must be complete, and the child arrive on time the next school day, or their enrollment at RHCA will be in jeopardy of termination. Any tests or exams scheduled for these days will not be allowed to be made up. The student will receive a "0" grade in all courses while at home. This may seriously affect the studentís grades.
If the school administration feels all efforts have been exhausted and to no avail, the studentís parents will be notified and the student will be suspended until such time as this problem is remedied. This policy runs per school quarter.
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Royal Heirs Christian Academy does not provide transportation. There may be parents, however, who will be willing to work out a car pool arrangement. If you need assistance finding a ride for your child, please contact the school office.
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All visitors must report directly to the school office. Any person desiring to visit classes/teachers must obtain permission in advance from the school administration. Visitors designated to pick up students because of sickness, doctor appointments, etc., should report to the school office and wait until the child is excused from class.
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