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And if ye be Christís, then are ye Abrahamís seed, and heirs
according to the promise. ĖGalatians 3:29
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Tuition, Books and Benefits
Benefits galore! Your decision to invest in your childís education will prove to be a very wise choice. At LightHouse Ranch Christian Academy your child will begin reaping benefits that will have long-lasting consequences. Why do you spend your hard earned money on your children? The answer is simple: They are worth it! And we feel the same way.

From the very beginning your child will be taught valuable and important concepts. Things that have real meaning in life; such as a wholesome family relationship, love and respect for parents, other people, God, and country.

Since 1985, when Inner City Christian Academy (now LightHouse Ranch Christian Academy) was founded, the teaching of traditional Biblical values have been an important part of the teaching day.

Academic standards at LHRCA are high and exacting. Our goal is to work to ensure that each student reaches their potential. An exciting, vibrant, hands-on learning environment is the norm. Students not only master basic facts, but also enjoy in-depth learning activities that encourage and challenge their abilities.

Your child deserves to learn and we insist that they do just that. Each student is taught how to study; the value and reward of study and hard work. At LHRCA students achievements in learning and retention are evaluated daily through homework assignments.

The Bible is at the heart of our curriculum. Our Christ-centered text books (ABeka from Pensacola Christian College or Bob Jones University) help teachers integrate Biblical principles into all subject areas. We constantly update and upgrade our materials and methods to ensure that our students fulfill Godís plan for their lives. Infact, before enrollment, each child is given a placement test to expose areas that we should address. There is a $15 fee for this test. Prepayment and registration for this test is required.

Call today to schedule testing.

Academics at LHRCA extend beyond Math, English, Science, Reading, and Social Studies. Field trips, special outings, special speakers, and in-class projects help students explore selected topics in detail. Though spiritual enrichment occurs throughout the school day, daily Bible classes and chapel services give teachers and staff concentrated times for Christian development. Teachers and administrative faculty often pray with students and regularly encourage them in their Christian walk.

Tuition, Scholarships, Books & Fees
Private education is not free, but at LHRCA we come close. We believe that the youth of our area are not only worth the cost of quality Christian education, but that each family should be able to afford it for all their children. Therefore, our fees continue to be the most reasonable anywhere, to accommodate the humblest of families.
At this time Royal Heirs Christian Academy Tuition is FREE!... as the Lord supplies (donations are gratefully accepted which are income tax deductible where the law allows.
Book costs vary according to grade level; approximately $150 per year for kindergarten, $275 for grades 1-8, and $300 for grades 9-12. Registration fee is $40/family annually. All fees are at or near cost and are subject to change without notice.

Student Body
Church affiliation and ethnic background is diverse. Small classes, common beliefs, and a zeal for learning, help students become more like an extended family than a generic classroom. Our students are encouraged to show the love of Christ in all they do.

All of our faculty members are committed Christians. All have been hand-picked by the Lord. All have special calls to love and nurture students.

Come and see us. Remember:
Your kids are worth it!
Stop in and see why we think so too.

LightHouse Ranch
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